Plaston drives sustainability initiatives forward

More recycling and energy efficiency in plastic production

Most people have probably seen it once in their life: the bright red toolbox manufactured by PLASTON. It is the flagship product of the international family-owned company. Inside, there are black deep-draw inserts. These inserts are made of 100% post-industrial recycling material, saving approximately 1,100 tons of CO2 annually for PLASTON. The green granules required for these inserts are sourced from waste materials from other companies. With this initiative, PLASTON extends the lifespan of its products and promotes recycling in plastic production.
Another measure has led to significant energy savings at all 3 PLASTON sites. Because plastic production typically is energy intensive, PLASTON has purchased 40 modern injection molding machines over the past six years, renewing over half of its machine inventory. Each of these new machines saves up to 40 percent of electricity compared to their predecessors. “These successes mark a significant step for us and the industry on the path towards a sustainable future”, rejoices sustainability manager Mario Semadeni about two of many ongoing initiatives at PLASTON.