UN Certification

PLASTON is a certified manufacturer of plastic cases for the transport of lithium-ion batteries.

No additional packaging (i.e. cardboard) required for Li-Ion batteries over 100 Wh.


Since 2018 PLASTON manufactures especially designed industrial plastic cases which have been certified by the Swiss Safety Center, an authorized institution. These industrial cases from PLASTON are allowed to carry the UN certification label and are therefore officially certified as UN certified packaging. The transport of dangerous goods is only permitted with packaging that has a UN label. The abbreviation UN stands for United Nations. National and international regulations, which carry transport by road, rail, water and air, are all based on the UN system.


Our customers benefit directly form this quality certificate: lithium-ion batteries over 100 Wh no longer need be packed separately, but can be placed directly in the cases. This simplifies handling and saves costs.